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“I’ve always been able to trust JC, and his work. He’s thorough, and competitively priced. Most importantly, he cares about his clients, and the quality of his work. JC has always offered exceptional customer service, and has been my go to guy for all things pest related. Thanks JC for all your hard work!”
Valorie Sullivan, Transcend Ordinary


Common Pests

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles Carpet Beetles are common in the home. They are oval-shaped with black, yellow, and white coloring. They’re source infestation may be difficult to find, as they may not

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants There are several species of carpenter ants of which the most common are red and black in colour. They feed on many sources of sugar and protein such

Larder Beetles

Larder Beetles Larder Beetles derive their name from their attraction to larders. They can be found in the home and feed on cured meat and various food sources. They are

Dragon Flies

Dragon Flies Dragon Flies are segmented insects with four wings. The hind wings are normally larger than the front ones. Their hind is also long, narrow and segmented. Their life


Moths Moths are four winged insects that are usually about 2cm wingspan long and are brown or grey in color. They are lovers of the indoors and also like dark


Weevils Weevils are actually a specie of beetles. They range in shape, being wither oval-shapes or long and slender and in color, from brown to black. Their size ranges from


Ticks These Arthropods have 2 body segments and 4 pairs of legs. They are divided into soft ticks and hard ticks with over 50 species around the world. Ticks have


Millipedes Unlike Centipedes, millipedes are much slower in movements. Even though they are called the Thousand leggers, the actually have less legs. Their bodies are hard and segmented. Usually, black,